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Powerful customization and simplicity as a feature make collecting GEO data easier than ever before. Forms are designed to adapt in real-time to the type of data you are collecting, enabling fast data input. You can create or reuse icon sets based on the data you are interested to collect.


Define teams and projects to get insight on progress and store data in a secure way. Easily find and edit existing data.


A map view that provides intuitive filtering capabilities, and configurable base maps. Share the collected data with the target audience in a way that enables users to get an overview as well as dig deep.

Be in control

Own your data and gain full control by using a solution that is and will always remain Open Source. Through compliance with OSGEO standards and intuitive REST APIs, future use of your data is in your hands.

Work from anywhere

A complete and scalable platform enables you to have a smooth experience across different devices you may use for collecting, managing and visualizing your data. Working both offline and online is a breeze, with native mobile apps for fieldwork integrating seamlessly with the web application.

Find our code on Gitlab.

We are currently working on the first release. You can check out the pilot version for Green Map System.

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